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The Church needs a mighty overhauling by divine Hands, that is, she needs the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Branded for Christ

Pentecost at Any Cost
"Do we really want a Pentecostal visitation of the Spirit that will shatter our status quo spiritually, socially, and economically?"

Our Chart and Compass for this Year
Dare we move without a guide?

Today's Sleeping Giant
Today Lucifer is probably surveying the church just as Bonaparte did China. One can almost behold the fear in his eyes as he thinks of the Church's unmeasured potential and growls, "Let the Church sleep! If she wakes, she will shake the world." Is not the Church the sleeping giant of today?....

Faith Laughs at Impossibilities
We Christians are in captivity on many levels today personal, domestic, church, and missionary enterprise. But fetters break and dungeons fall when prayer is made by the church unto God.

Paralysis of Preoccupation
If we were not so preoccupied with lesser things, we would be grief-stricken that we have failed to inherit our possessions in Him.

The Taming of the Tongue
The tongue has done more damage than any other instrument in the human body.

Be Angry and Sin Not

Your Day in Court

The Judgment Seat of Christ; the Judgment of Believers

We Wrestle Not!

What do I Still Lack?

Zeal - Love Ablaze!

Picture of a Prophet

Prayer: The Gospel of Prayer

Biographical Sketches of Revival Preachers
by Leonard Ravenhill

George Ousely

George Fox

George Willet

George Whitefield

John Wesley

Jonathan Edwards

Billy Nicholson

Richard Baxter of Kidderminster