Thinking Aloud... Foundations
By Paul Ravenhill

In the Churches today we are up to our necks in man's thinking, jargon and hype, but,
      Where is the Foundation?
      Where are our Roots?

Only when a plant is well rooted in rich soil can there be an expression of abundance in the leaf and flower above. "Jacob shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward."

      We have concentrated so much on our Upward we have ignored the Downward.

           We have studied past lives and past movings of God with the aim of
           replicating them in our midst -

                We have forgotten that these visible events of history were all the fruits of a
                passion, a burning intensity in the depths of the interior which burst the
                bounds and broke forth to affect the world around.

God builds upon a foundation and without this foundation there can be nothing of value or permanence built. Christ is the foundation-and the building is the placing in our lives of the expressions of the nature of Christ.

For the men of God of past generations there was only one thing that mattered:
      Separation from the values of earth - from the fame and acclaim of earth,
           followed by a seeking of the Life of God in it's creative working and in it's
           ever-widening flow of power and glory.

Theirs was not a seeking of a level of "success" and "feeling" but rather a seeking to leave behind them the whole sphere of earthly parameters. It was a yearning to be caught up in the irresistible flow of the River of God to see this River cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

God is still seeking for a people, and whenever He finds those whose hearts burn for Him, He will build His Kingdom and manifest His glory.

Copyright © Paul Ravenhill 1997 -