Small Thoughts... TO CHEW ON!

Where are our loyalties?

By Paul Ravenhill

Somehow man is such a creature of this earth that he tends to interpret even God through the framework of the society in which he has his being.

Can we really realize that God's kingdom is a heavenly kingdom and that the nations of this earth have their place in the light of God's blessing only as they come under the laws of His kingdom?

Can we realize that the heavenly laws are inexorable, and that when we apart ourselves from them we apart ourselves from God?

The nation which has room for everything except that which is absolute and eternal will find itself given over to darkness - that darkness which is not merely the absence of light but the dwelling place of death, and dread, and despair and destruction.

If the "Christian nations" have gone beyond the point of turning then it is up to us, as individuals, to stand as children of the Light, not allowing anything to interrupt its rays. Multiplied thousands gave their lives as martyrs in bygone generations and died "by shame undefiled." May we, in our generation, keep our garments, our souls, our hearts undefiled.

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