Small Thoughts... TO CHEW ON!

Do we know who we are?

By Paul Ravenhill

At the end of this twentieth century, in the midst of the surrounding decadence, the only way for us to fill our place as Christians is to know who we are. It is vital that we associate ourselves, in our thinking and our living, with those things which form the foundations of the kingdom of God.

As the things which can be shaken are shaken in the coming times, it is essential that we not be participants of these things.

The nature of the kingdom of God is totally different from the nature of the society around us and it is necessary that we judge not by the 'good intentions' and smiling faces, but by that which is in the heart -
          the purity,
                    the intensity,
                              the hatred of sin, of mixture, of falsehood.

On the 'Richter scale' of human emotions, how deep does it go when we pray 'Thy Kingdom come?'
Is it mixed with a looking for a place for ourselves - a place of recognition, of comfort, of financial abundance? Is there a wanting to minister, write books, and sell tapes in order to make a name and a place for ourselves?

We would do well, in the last year of this century and millennium, to examine our lives in the light of the Word of God.
We would do well to see how we align ourselves with those awesome and absolute words which speak of the cost of discipleship, and the great divide between what rules in man's world and what rules in the Kingdom of God.

As we bring our bodies and souls in the realm of the Kingdom, there comes an unveiling and a quickening from God...
          Faith is born and flourishes
                    Light increases more and more
                              And in the flow of spiritual life, natural capacities are superseded and spiritual capacities enlarged and strengthened.

"Thy Kingdom come..."

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