We Have Lost Our Way
By Paul Ravenhill

In this day so abundant with teaching on "Christian values" and moral principles... we have lost our way as a church. We have lost our way because we have sought to confront the spirit of our age by placing over against it an alternative system, based on our understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Against the spiritual powers, which have watered down the moral elements of society to the point of dissolution, we have responded with a watered down Christianity.

We have sought to include all those who give a minimum assent to Bible principles and to build up the Kingdom of God with the rag-tag crowd who are joined to us only in their "concern" about the way things are.

What we have lost in the process has been the essence of true Christianity -
           The Vision
                      The Demand
                                The Miracle
                                           The Glory.
                                                      All have been changed.

      ONLY the "Absoluteness", the "Utterness", of the leaving of our life, our world,
           our values, and the "Coming" in naked dependence to the throne of mercy;
      ONLY the impartation of a Life where all things are made new;
      ONLY the walking in the Light of a new day, the Light of Life,

will ever suffice to meet the need of this hour.

Anything less than this is merely setting up a system of man-made spirituality and morality which will ultimately cause us to lose both our generation and ourselves.

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