Have we Thought of the 'The Night Shineth as the Day...'?
By Paul Ravenhill

The Night - the Absence of All Light becomes...

The Day - the Presence of All Light when God is Present. The Darkness is not merely 'illuminated' but the Darkness 'Shineth'

There is light on my desk, but outside the Sun Shineth.

Shining is not just being illuminated but a generating of a force of Light which is sufficient to illuminate a desk, a house, a city, a continent.

Where God is, Light is produced enough to chase away darkness as far as the eye can see, and far beyond man's concepts or horizons.

This is God's law - Abundance flows from Him and all earth's deserts are transformed, not merely to have life but to Blossom as the Rose!

May we not let our minds, or our feelings limit the measure of God's working, revelation, or Life!

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