Small Thoughts... TO CHEW ON!
                                         Sonar or GPS...?

By Paul Ravenhill

Are we guided by "signals from Above"...
or by "echoes from Around?"

"Sonar" is a technology in which signals are sent out and echoes received back as those signals bounce off objects around.

This seems to be the way in which many of us guide ourselves through life!
We receive "feedback" from TV, newspaper, magazines, tapes, and teaching of others, and by these signals we plot our position and chart our course! We are guided by what lies around us in life's ocean - we depend on feedback from other vessels, other man-made edifices, and the contours of Earth's geography.

"G.P.S." is a technology whereby earthly position is determined by information transmitted from a satellite floating far above earth's atmosphere.

God's desire for His own is that they be guided, not by earth's poor signals, but by that which comes from above.
            A Word from the Throne,
                    A Light from Heaven,
                              An inner witness,
that takes precedence and rules over all that which is "of the earth, earthy."

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