Small Thoughts... TO CHEW ON! "I think, therefore I am..."
By Paul Ravenhill

Man has used the philosopher's statement for generations to substantiate his existence.

I started wondering the other day - where would it leave us in the church if we applied the same reasoning? Would we have to say, "I don't think, therefore I am nothing?"

Certainly a great part of the emptiness of mental asylums consists in the fact that the bodies of the inmates are uninhabited as far as effective thought process is concerned. Bodies are there but "being" is sadly absent.

What about in the average church?
What about the average believer?
Is there anything within which moves, and acts, and responds?
Is everything passive, merely "acted upon" but incapable of acting on its own?

What about ourselves?
We relate to this physical world around us - we feel its warmth, we join in its flow of life, but do we really relate to God's world?

      Do we see beyond that which the sun illuminates?
      Do we hear beyond earth's chatter?
      Do we think thoughts of heavenly things?

We used to sing an old hymn 'Lighten our Darkness and lend us Thine aid.' - I believe its still a valid supplication.

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